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Free support for freelancers, entrepreneurs and new businesses in Gloucestershire

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step that most people never will.

Whether you have a big idea to get off the ground, an existing business which is facing some new hurdles, or you’ve decided it’s finally time to be your own boss; you are now part of the self-employment revolution.

The road’s going to be rocky, but journeys are always easier with the right people around you. Every entrepreneur, freelancer and small business owner goes through the same set of challenges, and since 2017 we’ve helped over 1,000 of them to come out on top. 

All of our training, courses, advice and resources are free of charge. Start and Grow Enterprise is devoted to helping Gloucestershire continue its reputation of self-starting innovation and invention, by making it easy to get the right support.


In business, knowledge is power

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