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How to find your perfect office space

As a freelancer, you might come to the realisation that the kitchen table in your home office will no longer cut it. So where do you start?

The freelance population in the UK is increasing with more and more people choosing to be their own boss. With reasons like a better work/life balance, getting to choose the work you do, and the chance to follow your passion coming out on top for why you should start your own business, it’s easy to see why so many are taking the leap.


The kitchen table dilemma

One issue a freelancer often finds is that as your work gains attention and you start to get busier, while this is great news for your business, you come to the realisation that the kitchen table in your home office will no longer cut it.

It’s at this point that the thought of your very own office space pops into your head. Your own office brings the potential for a dedicated space to focus, limit your distractions, and get noticed by new clients. But where do you start?


Do the maths

Firstly, make sure you do the maths. While this might not be the most fun place to start, it is the best! You’ll need to cost this in as an ongoing expense. As a start-up with likely very little leeway for extra expenditures, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting what you need for your money.

Starting with the numbers will save you a lot of time and heartache when you come across an ideal workspace, only to find out it is out of your budget. You may find that a co-working space is a good low cost, flexible option for you, or that paying more for a serviced office will suit your needs best. So, if you haven’t identified a budget yet, now’s the time!


Free Office Finder

This is where Free Office Finder’s price comparison tool comes in. This novel tool was developed by a London based office broker and is the first interactive and completely impartial pricing tool for serviced offices, both private and co-working. Importantly, this tool can save you lots of valuable time.

This tool can be used to view the average price for private or co-working serviced offices across the UK. You can also specify your team size, and filter by area to easily compare prices in your chosen location.

You can even see how pricing has changed over the last 5 years. This helps you to build an understanding of the serviced office market trends, meaning you can budget effectively as your business starts to grow.


Location, location, location

A key factor to consider when looking for an office is location. This is probably one of the most important factors after price, as the last thing you want is to set up base in an office that is tricky for you, your clients, or your future employees, to access.

Ensuring your office space is close to public transport, shops and restaurants is an important aspect to factor in your search. Thankfully, this free tool also features an interactive map that enables people to explore and compare nearby locations to help them find an office in a location that suits them and their business.


How much space do you need?

Finally, consider the size. While you may only be looking for a space to accommodate yourself at first, it is also important to look to the future and think about any changes your business may face. Being able to expand your office as your business grows is an invaluable asset to your business’s future.


So, as an overview…

What does the tool do?

It displays the average desk rates for private serviced offices and coworking space in the most popular UK locations.

Why is the tool helpful for people searching for office space?

It allows someone to understand the average cost of renting space for their required office size in seconds.

Where’s the data from?

It is gathered from over 2,000 London and UK locations that are monitored by Free Office Finder.


Head over to FreeOfficeFinder to start your pricing search. Stuck for locations in Gloucestershire? Start and Grow Enterprise can help you in your search for the perfect office space. Take a look at our list of local offices here.


FreeOfficeFinder is a boutique commercial property agency that specialises in matching individuals and organisations with their perfect office. Since 2002, they have been successful in finding office space for 1000s of organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to famous entrepreneurs to blue-chip organisations that require an entire building for their large enterprise.

By Matt Newel, Freelance Property Author.

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