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How To Gain Enterprising Skills at University

As a student, you have access to a range of opportunities to develop your enterprising skills. Here we reveal the 5 key enterprising skills and how you can develop them at university.

Welcome to a new year at university! Here at Start and Grow Enterprise, we want to let you know how you can benefit from getting involved, even if you have no intention of starting your own business.

Start and Grow Enterprise started back in 2017 to help people start a business and new businesses to grow. We give them access to training opportunities from industry professionals, a wide range of resources, and plenty of networking opportunities. All of this support is free of charge and helps people to develop the key enterprising skills to ensure their business will thrive.


What are enterprising skills?

Enterprising skills give you the ability to show initiative, adaptability, and resourcefulness. These are all things that employers are looking for and they are also key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Over the last couple of years, these are skills that have been truly tested for many.

Entrepreneurial skills have so many advantages for employers and the self-employed alike. Here are the 5 key enterprising skills:

Building relationships

As an employee, you will need to build effective relationships with colleagues and clients to allow you to get your job done. As an entrepreneur, you will need to build effective relationships with clients and suppliers, otherwise, it will be difficult for your business to survive.

Digital literacy

Being computer literate has been an essential skill in general life for quite some time, but the pandemic has increased the need for digital literacy. Overnight the whole world went online and although in-person activities have started up again, many employers are now looking a lot more favourably on flexible and home working for the future.

Financial awareness

Being financially savvy is a valuable skill to have in life as well as in business. For a prospective employer, it shows care and attention, and commercial awareness. If your role involves anything financial then you will need to show that you can be trusted to carry out this role.


You might not think that your role is a particularly creative one but being creative isn’t all about arts and crafts or making. Creative skills can be demonstrated by coming up with new ways to do things or explaining ideas in an interesting and engaging way. This is how innovative ideas are born!


All roles, whether they are on an employed, self-employed, or voluntary basis will have an element of problem-solving. Employers want to see that you can handle challenges in a professional manner and have the skills to turn difficult situations into positive ones.


Can enterprising skills be learned?

The good news is that entrepreneurial skills can be learned if you don’t feel that you already have them. Start and Grow Enterprise offers a huge range of resources, workshops, training, and mentoring opportunities with experts and business leaders, and even the opportunity to apply for a £1,000 grant if you decide to set up your own business.

Simply by making the choice to come to university, you’re going to be expanding on your essential enterprising skills in your day-to-day student life. This will be even more prevalent if you have decided to move into student accommodation. You will now be responsible for a lot of things that you may well have taken for granted previously!

Should you decide to start your own business then the skills that you develop by pursuing your own business ambitions are transferable into the world of work, if you decide to take an employed route further down the line.


How can I develop my enterprising skills?

Entrepreneurial skills and competencies can be developed in so many ways. If you have joined a club or society whilst at university then you are likely to be gaining these skills here too. The committee members of student clubs take on a whole host of organisational and logistical roles that all give opportunities to enhance your enterprising skills.

Perhaps you have a part-time job alongside your studies, or you do voluntary work in your spare time. You will certainly be able to develop and practice implementing the key entrepreneurial skills in real-life scenarios within the world of work.

Getting involved with Start and Grow Enterprise has the added bonus of providing access to local businesses that recruit students for work experience placements. Working in a start-up gives you an excellent insight into the life of an entrepreneur. These placements offer opportunities for students to gain valuable experience in the workplace where you can start building connections ready for when you graduate.


What do I do next?

If you want to find out more about how we can help you be more competitive in the job market or turn your business idea into reality, you can book a 30-minute meeting with Jess MacDonald, our Student & Start-up Coordinator in the team, or simply contact startandgrow@glos.ac.uk.




Written by Nikki Knight – The Writing for Business Lady. She offers blogging, copywriting and ‘done for you’ content packages for small businesses. You can get in contact with her at www.nikkiknight.co.uk or nikki@nikkiknight.co.uk

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