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Meet The Student Turned Entrepreneur

Matt Sear founded his social media marketing agency during his final year at university, helping businesses to connect with bright, young talent. Here's where his business journey took him after graduation...


Hi, I’m Matt!

I founded Sear Media Group, a social media marketing agency, in late 2020. I’ve spent the last year or so working on the business full-time since I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire.

The premise of my business is to support students, graduates, and young people to utilise their talents in the creative industries.

I saw that many creative companies approached recruitment by prioritising how many years someone has spent in their role. I realised that this not only hurts their business, but also discounts the services of so many incredibly talented young people. I help to bridge the gap between young people and companies, providing young people with contracting opportunities and companies with fresh, blue-sky thinking and innovative digital and design concepts.

I have spoken on various panels since launching the business about the job market for graduates in the creative industry. While there is still a long way to go, I’m very pleased to say that I’ve already seen meaningful opportunities and changes coming through.


A lot of content sucks, but yours doesn’t have to

Digital marketing services for businesses

We can help businesses with a wide variety of digital marketing needs. We’re always updating our offering to ensure every client gets maximum value from every shoot, meeting, discovery call, planning session, and delivery, with the aim of helping them scale their business online.

The Social Booster

This is a done-for-you social media content creation service that allows our clients to post on-brand and engaging video content every day on multiple platforms.

Content Consultancy

This is a coaching service for business owners that have the capacity to create content, but don’t have the know-how. Coaching can be done 1-2-1 or through interactive workshops where we run through a range of activities with your team to teach them how to leverage social media for their business.

Bespoke projects

If you’re looking for something a bit different, we can connect you with the right team for the job.


Current projects

We’re currently working with a couple of clients to help them build their online following. We have had a lot of success with these clients. I have since started my own page, documenting how we work so others can learn from our strategies.

We have also recently worked with Start and Grow Enterprise on a couple of promotional videos – using my own testimonial footage and footage filmed at one of their Start-up Courses.

Feel free to check them out! Here’s my testimonial video, and here’s the promotional video I created for Start and Grow’s training course.


Our biggest challenges

The biggest challenge so far has been finding people willing to take on a young team of creatives.

I regularly hear “you just don’t have the experience”, which is certainly difficult to argue! But this is yet to deter me from my goals. Once we crack the sales side of the business, our fulfillment will speak for itself, because that is our bread and butter!


Getting my head in the game

Once I graduated and was ready to work on the business full time, I signed up to Start and Grow Enterprise, looking for some structure and guidance. As someone that was barely out of education, it can be really difficult to manage the countless tasks that come with being an entrepreneur.

Start and Grow Enterprise has been fantastic for a number of reasons. Crucially, it has allowed me to meet other people running start-ups, which has always led to interesting conversations and collaborations.

The support I received from one of the business coaches has really helped me to refine my mission, vision, and values, so I can communicate this effectively to potential clients.

On top of the new connections I’ve made, the courses have filled in the gaps in my knowledge and uncovered a few black swans that otherwise may have tripped me up. The team is super friendly and has offered their help on a number of occasions. They’ve helped with anything from funding advice to introducing me to the right people to further my project.


The future looks bright

The next step for me is to take all of the data we have collected from testing our ideas and use them to sell our services to my next batch of clients.

Knowing that there is a group of business experts at Start and Grow Enterprise is so reassuring. I know they will be there to answer important questions and to help me overcome obstacles I might face. They will certainly steer me in the right direction going forward.

Our drive is a love of learning and connecting with new people. This company started in a University bedroom in Cheltenham Gloucestershire, but for every book that we read and hand that we shake, we may come a step closer to changing the way things are done.


Talk to us…

If you’re interested in learning more about our initiative, or if your business is interested in making the most of the talents of our gifted group of creatives, get in touch with us.

Don’t be shy – take a look at our digital content on TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer taking on new clients under this programme from Friday 17th February 2023